An Important message...

For all the people involved, we have some sad news... We fought for animax over the years with partial victories we managed to get back animax in most cable companies, but it seems like that is the end For everyone who is trying to get signatures and petitions signed, please keep in mind that no company will be willing to spend crores for a 1000 people in a country of a billion
Our initial plan was to get access to Animax's TRPs and use you people to build pressure on MSM Discovery their distributor along with calling up the nodal heads making the distributor head re-think the rebranding of animax to AXN Beyond What we realized is that Sony has an option to earn crores in profits from AN Beyond since there are not many rival channels in that category, with animax Asia bringing down the communities AIC and AAC as a cost cutting initiative also meant that they are no longer interested in the public-channel interactions... Apart from the mainly anime-centric countries such as Philippines and Japan and possibly Indonesia, animax is bound to shut off its services else where Animax India is still not sure what it will do but one thing is for sure, no company is stupid enough to let go of its profits just for a few 1000 people We recommend you switching to downloading animes or mangas since expecting anything off animax now is absurd we thank all our supporters who stood by our side and helped animax reach millions the war isnt over yet but we can do nothing but watch now for what they will do next nothing much can be done for the next couple of months its either AXN Beyond then or Animax surviving and AXN Beyond as a sister channel we request people not to panic and help us get reliable sources (those who can provide us TRPs) to tackle the situation in case we manage to change the minds of the heads into introducing AXN Beyond as a separate channel We thank you again for all the support

Sign up/Log in into the forum, create your own topics and decide what next to do.

Animax The Resistance doesnt run on a monarchy, it is for Otakus and hence the decision shall be their too, please discuss, post, question, chat, abuse whatever here and we will do whatever is decided by YOU!

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