Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was Animax removed?

Animax was removed from DTHs all over the Indian sub-continent as Animax officials could not pay them carriage fees.

2. What is carriage fees?

All channels are supposed to pay 'carriage fees', which is more like a rent that a channel pays to the DTH so that it can stay on its channel list.

3. Why was animax unable to pay is carriage fees?

Animax was unable to pay this carriage fees as (they say) is far more than what they can afford!!! -_-

4. When will animax be back?

Animax will be back as soon as we make them pay the carriage fees to the respected DTHs

5. Whats the gurantee that animax wll be back???

Animax is a subsidiary of SPENA (basically SONY) which has many channels under it ex. AXN, PIX, SONY, MAX... which get tonnes of money for their carriage fees and
Airtel(channel 361), TATA SKY(channel 611) and Videocon D2H(channel 513) have still not be replaced by any other channel...

6. Why is it codename BLEU? Are you so dumb you cant even spell BLUE? :O

Its French bitch -_- it aint a spelling error